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It is the members’ responsibility to obtain authorisation before hospital admission. The authorisation will include the procedure and the number of days the medical aid approved.

If you stay longer than your original approved stay, we will obtain additional authorisation from your medical aid.

Your account will be submitted electronically to your medical aid within / approximately 60 hours after your discharge.

Authorisation by the medical aid is not a guarantee of payment. Payment may still be refused or short paid for various reasons. Should your medical aid refuse to pay your account or part thereof, we will contact you and ask you to consult with your medical aid.

If non-payment is due to a valid reason, you will be asked to settle the account yourself.

You remain responsible for the account until it has been settled in full.



Depending on the procedure, the account may be a fixed fee or an estimated fee only.

It is not always possible to provide a fixed fee as we can only predict the theatre time, the amount of medication or surgical materials that will be used. In such circumstances we can provide you with an estimate.

On discharge the actual account will be calculated and you will receive a back payment, or will be required to pay the difference between the estimate and the actual amount.



It is important to understand there are different service providers who will bill you, or your medical aid, independently from each other some independent from the hospital.

The hospital cannot be held responsible for these fees. Sometimes there may be co-payments when a service provider is not charging according to the approved tariff of the medical aid. These services providers may include pathology (blood analysis), radiology, allied medical services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietician) and anaesthetists.

It is your right as a patient and your responsibility to discuss fees with any service provider.


Several payment plans available for a range of surgeries.

These payment plans include:

Elective surgery payment plan:

  • Tonsillectomy

  • Teeth procedures

  • Circumcisions

  • Eye surgery (pterygiums, cataracts)

  • Others

Maternity payment plan:

  • Normal delivery

  • Caesarean delivery

Private patients can enquire about a payment plan as soon as they are informed by the clinician about the necessary procedure.

For more information on the payment plans available, phone 015 250 5040 during office hours or write to

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